HERS Testing and Inspections

The HERS Testing or Home Energy Rating System was developed by RESNET and is the nationally recognized system for inspecting a home’s energy performance. These inspections are on site verification of the energy efficiency features.

There is a wide variety of HERS inspections required by California Building Energy Code. They are triggered based on the scope of a project, building design and equipment selected. The complete list of HERS inspection required for a given project can be found in the Title 24 report. The timing of these inspections is critical so it advisable to have a HERS Rater involved as soon as the construction starts.

Energy Analytica has employed certified HERS Raters to carry out the testing and verification.

Success Story

Stockton resident Mr. Singh remodeled his home and installed a new AC and some ductwork. His home was almost ready to move in when he reached out to us. The contractor had forgotten to hire a HERS Rater and now he needed an express service. We arrived on the site the next day and took care of all the HERS inspections and verifications. Few days later Mr. Singh moved into his house.

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