CALGreen – Green Building Compliance

CALGreen also called as the Green Building Code is part of the California Building Code. It is mandatory for every building in the state to comply with this code. CALGreen covers topics like construction waste management, flow rates of plumbing fixtures and sustainable building practices just to name a few.

CALGreen compliance is a multi-step process that starts with filling out a checklist at the permit phase. It often requires a certified CALGreen special inspector to sign the checklist for permit submittal. During construction, the CALGreen special inspector visits the site multiple times to document compliance. Once the project is complete, it is inspected one final time.

Energy Analytica is an industry leader in Green Building Services. It is certified to provide CALGreen services throughout the state of California. Energy Analytica is certified to work on residential and non-residential buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Success Story

One morning we received a call from Mr. Jackson from Coffee Park, Santa Rosa. His home was burnt in wild fire and he was gathering the resources to make a fresh start. He was looking for CALGreen code compliance documents. We provided him the documents he needed to get a permit.

Throughout the construction process we coordinated with the General Contractor to ensure that project was moving on the right path. After 6 months of construction and 2 mandatory CALGreen inspections he moved into his beautiful new home.

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