Title 24 Report

Title 24 Report is an estimation of how much energy a proposed building will consume. This estimate is then compared with a comparable ‘code minimum’ building to show that the proposed design is more energy efficient. The results are printed out in the form of a report that can be submitted to building department for permit.

A very sensitive piece of software is used to model the whole building down to every wall and every window. All heating, cooling, water heating and lighting systems are assigned to this model. Once the building model is complete, the software calculates the amount of energy it will consume if built as designed. Software also checks if this energy consumption is within the limit allowed by building code. If the energy consumption is above the limit, the energy consultant comes with a list of upgrades and changes the can be made to the design to reduce the energy consumption in the most cost-effective way.

Energy Analytica provides Title 24 services for all kind of residential and non-residential buildings. The company’s engineers are well versed with California building code which enables them to come up with a unique solution to match every project’s needs.

Energy Analytica completes hundreds of projects every year and is one of the most reputable company in the industry.

Success Story

Mr. Rogers from Palo Alto reached out to us inquiring if we can provide a Title 24 report for his 1800 sq ft home remodeling project. We requested to see his buildings plans which he was able to send right away. Within an hour we provided him with a quote. After his approval we collected all the data we needed to run the calculations. The whole process took about 24 hours. He was able to submit his Title-24 reports to the building department the next day.

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