California Green Building Code (CALGreen) – California Energy Code

The code’s purpose is to advance the state’s energy policy, develop renewable energy sources and prepare for energy emergencies.

CALGreen Code Section 5.201.1: Scope [BSC-CG]. California Energy Code.

For the purposes of mandatory energy efficiency standards in this code, the California Energy Commission will continue to adopt mandatory building standards.


The purpose for this division is to recognize that the California Energy Commission retains its authority for energy efficiency standards. Additionally, it is to reduce dependency on nonrenewable energy sources by improving the efficiency of our buildings. Local jurisdictions may amend the energy efficiency standards beyond those required in the California Energy Code. See Section 101.7 of this code for the requirements needed by the authority having jurisdiction to amend the voluntary energy-related provisions found in Appendix Chapter A5 of this code. Consult with the authority having jurisdiction issuing the building permit for any energy provision amendments adopted by those jurisdictions.

(Excerpted from ‘Guide to the 2019 California Green Building Standards Code Nonresidential’ – Chapter 5)

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