California Green Building Code (CALGreen) – Commissioning report

The Commissioning report covers the overall outcome of the Commissioning process for the Project, any history of deficiencies, outstanding issues, seasonal testing, functional performance of systems and verification by the design meeting the OPR, Basis of Design as well as required documentation, training and overall compliance by the contractors. Each of these areas are addressed with a brief summary, analysis and recommendation.

CALGreen Code Section 5.410.2.6: Commissioning report. [N] 

A report of commissioning process activities undertaken through the design and construction phases of the building project shall be completed and provided to the owner or representative.


The commissioning report documents the commissioning process and test results. The report includes confirmation from the commissioning agent verifying that commissioned systems meet the conditions of the OPR, BOD and contract documents.

Note: See Chapter 8 of this guide for forms and templates.

Compliance Method:

The components of the commissioning report should include the following:

1. Executive summary of process and results of commissioning program including observations, conclusions and any outstanding items.

2. History of any system deficiencies and how resolved, including

• Outstanding deficiencies and plans for resolution.

• Plans for seasonal testing scheduled for a later date.

3. System performance test results and evaluations.

4. Summary of training process scheduled and completed.

5. Attach commissioning process documents:

• Commissioning plan.

• OPR.

• BOD.

• Executed installation checklists.

• Executed Functional Performance Test (FPT) forms.

• Recommendations for end-of-warranty review activities.

(Excerpted from ‘Guide to the 2019 California Green Building Standards Code Nonresidential’ – Chapter 5)

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