Green Building Certifications / LEED Coordination


Title 24 Report

Title 24 is an estimation of how much energy a proposed building will consume. This estimate is then compared with a comparable ‘code minimum’ building to show that the proposed design is more energy efficient. The results are printed out in the form of a report that can be submitted to building department for permit.


Dual Fuel Heat Pump

The Dual Fuel Heat Pump is a combination of both heating and cooling systems which consists of electric heat pump and a gas furnace. The major heating load is addressed by the heat pump as it is more efficient than the gas furnace.

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CALGreen Services in Palo Alto

CALGreen – City of Palo Alto has implemented one of the most aggressive green building codes in the state of California. Due to very high value of real estate and heightened awareness for sustainable construction practices among the residents, city has succeeded in justifying the enforcement of green building code that few other cities in the state of California have enforced.

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