Residential HVAC Design

The amount of heating and cooling needed for any given space depends on large number of variables like space, orientation relative to Sun, climate zone, etc. Undersized systems simply don’t have enough capacity to provide the thermal comfort. Oversized systems on the other hand are inefficient and wasteful. For this reason, it is not prudent to follow rules of thumb for sizing HVAC system.

Air conditioning contractor of America (ACCA) has developed a procedure to design and size heating and cooling systems accurately. It is mandatory to use this procedure to design all new HVAC systems to be installed in the state of California. Energy Analytica uses an ACCA approved software from Right Suite to design and size HAVC systems.

Energy Analytica’s staff has expertise in designing HVAC systems that meet the code, cost effective to install and are comfortable for the occupant. Our competent staff members can tailor creative solutions to your specific needs.

Success Story

Mr. Nelson, the architect of a small 2-storey apartment building in Sacramento requested us to design the HVAC system for the units. His concern was that extreme weather of the city might make the apartments uncomfortable to live. He provided us the building plans and the Title 24 Report of the project. Using this information, we carried out the calculations to size the HVAC system needed for each unit. We also sized individual duct runs needed to provide sufficient air to each room. Based on this calculation we selected an AC and a furnace perfectly sized for this project. He found great confidence with our detailed reports backing up his design.

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