Title 24 HERS Verification

For all New Constructions and for almost all major Remodeling projects HERS site verification is required. Title 24 permit document describes When and what kind of field verification and/or diagnostic testing is required. Once the verification is complete, HERS Rater must complete,
register, and sign the certificate of verification (CF3R). The CF3R documents include
information about the measurements, tests, and field verification results that were required
to be performed. The HERS Rater must verify that the requirements for compliance have
been met.


Special Features Requiring HERS Rater Verification:

a.Duct sealing
b. Supply duct location, surface area and R-value
c. Low-leakage ducts in conditioned space
d. Low-leakage air handlers
e. Verification of return duct design
f. Verification of air filter device design
g. Verification of bypass duct prohibition
h. Refrigerant charge in ducted split-system and ducted packaged unit air conditioners
and heat pumps, and mini-split systems

  1. Refrigerant charge indicator display (CID)
    j. Verified system airflow
    k. Air handler fan efficacy
    l. Verified energy efficiency ratio (EER)
    m. Verified seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER)
    n. Maximum rated total cooling capacity
    o. Evaporatively cooled condensers
    p. Ice storage air conditioners
    q. Continuous whole-building mechanical ventilation airflow
    r. Intermittent whole-building mechanical ventilation airflow
    s. Building envelope air leakage
    t. High-quality insulation installation (QII)
    u. Quality insulation installation for spray polyurethane foam
    v. PV field verification protocol
    w. Verified pipe insulation credit
    x. Verified parallel piping
    y. Central fan integrated ventilation cooling systems
    z. Zonal controls
    aa. Verified compact hot water distribution system
    bb. Verified point of use
    cc. Demand recirculation: manual control
    dd. Demand recirculation: sensor control
    ee. Multiple recirculation loop design for DHW systems serving multiple dwelling units



(Excerpted from CEC Title-24 Part 6 Residential Compliance Manual)


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