Title 24 Radiant Barrier

  • Radiant Barriers
    The radiant barrier is a reflective material that reduces radiant heat transfer caused by solar
    heat gain in the roof. Radiant barriers are installed below the roof deck in the attic and
    reduce radiant heat to air distribution ducts and insulation located below the radiant barrier.
    To qualify, a radiant barrier must have an emittance of 0.05 or less. The product must be certified by theCalifornia Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and ThermalInsulation and listed in its Consumer Guide and Directory of Certified Insulation material, athttp://www.bhfti.ca.gov/industry/tinsulation.shtml.
  • Methods of Installing Radiant Barriers


(Excerpted from CEC Title-24 Part 6 Residential Compliance Manual)


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