Who needs a Title 24 Report?

A Title 24 report typically refers to the energy efficiency standards in California, also known as the California Energy Code. The Title 24 report is required for new construction and major renovations of residential and non-residential buildings in California to ensure they meet specific energy efficiency standards.

The report is necessary for:

1. New Construction: Builders and developers of new residential and non-residential buildings must comply with Title 24 energy standards and obtain a Title 24 report to demonstrate compliance.

2. Major Renovations: When significant alterations or renovations are made to existing buildings, a Title 24 report may be required to ensure that the upgrades meet the energy efficiency standards.

3. Building Permits: When applying for building permits for new construction or major renovations, local authorities may require a Title 24 report as part of the permitting process.

4. Residential and Non-Residential Buildings: Both residential (single-family homes, multi-family buildings) and non-residential buildings (commercial, industrial, institutional) fall under the purview of Title 24 requirements.

It’s essential to note that these regulations are specific to California, and other states or countries may have their own energy efficiency standards and reporting requirements for buildings.

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